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An Interview with Debbie

You know those celebrity interviews in fun magazines like “People” and “In Style,” where they interview celebrities at a little trendy bistro or in their own home, and describe them as if they are perhaps demi-gods, elegantly existing as half … Continue reading

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What Qualifies You to Speak?

This past Saturday, in an effort to both broaden my horizons and push my comfort zone, I attended an event with DWW, “Speaking Skills for Writers.”  I’m not going to go into the details of the event; one of the … Continue reading

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Things I Sometimes Remember About Writing

I often do better “in writing” than “in person,” or speaking.  Or at least I believe that’s the case.  Sometimes.  Except when it’s not the case.  But no matter.  Back to that writing bit. I’ve had the opportunity to do … Continue reading

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