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I'm a freelance writing who would like to know a little more about all the technicalities, bells, and whistles of things like WordPress!

Writing and Money (And What Really Matters)

“He only needed a little salary.” “No man only needs a little salary.” —Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman I attended a writer’s workshop recently with Detroit Working Writers, where the unspoken theme became money. As in, how do I … Continue reading

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2014: A List of Some Things I Did

This is a list. Apparently, I’ve been big on list’s recently (see all summer posts.) I started writing this when I was in some sort of bad mood, where I seemed to feel the need to justify that I do … Continue reading

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Tweet! Tweet!

  Most of us have already gone through several love/hate relationships with Facebook: been in love, been addicted, broken up, gotten back together. I get it. Facebook still seems like the original social media (yeah, yeah, I know there was … Continue reading

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The Possibility of a Theme

Blogs are supposed to have a theme. That’s what the advice-from-the-blogging-gods tells me, anyhow. An area of expertise. A niche. A voice of authority. Or, to be fancy and recall my college English major days, a thesis statement. I always … Continue reading

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O Captain My Captain!

Unless you live in a hole–or stay away from all media and social media–you know by now that Robin Williams died this past Monday. And I’ve decided to write a post on him, because I’ve found myself googling him like … Continue reading

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Signs that it might be time for swim season to wrap up

This summer, we embraced another suburban cliché by becoming members of a private, extremely elite swim and tennis club. Okay, I don’t know how “extremely elite” it is, but the part of me that feels snobby saying I belong to any sort of … Continue reading

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13 Reasons It’s Good I’m Scummy

I haven’t gotten a haircut in a while. It’s often in a ponytail. I know some stylist would encourage me to fix myself up, but here are some reasons I will continue my current, err, style for a while. (I … Continue reading

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