2014: A List of Some Things I Did

This is a list. Apparently, I’ve been big on list’s recently (see all summer posts.) I started writing this when I was in some sort of bad mood, where I seemed to feel the need to justify that I do something…which I recognize, intellectually, as some sort of crap, but have yet to get completely over it.

I started around the holidays, and when I started getting Christmas cards, I thought of all those brag-gy letters people used to send before you could simply brag on Facebook all year. This is not meant to be brag-gy. It’s just a list. The good, the bad, the ehh. Like, I’ve listed doing laundry. Turns out, a lot happens in a year, and a lot of it is good. A lot of regular stuff happens all the time. I think a lot of that goes unheralded, unappreciated, and that can make us feel tired for doing “not much.” I’m sure I do that with others in my life. It’s something to improve upon in 2015.

Anyhow, without further ado, my list:

Things I Did in 2014

Tutored a Korean woman in English

Painted the master bedroom green

Took my kids to lots of swim meets and practices

Make pasta salad for swim meets

Volunteered at swim meets

Volunteered for field day

Was room mom for my daughter’s class

Volunteered for School Library

Wrote one piece per month for Writers Group

Critiqued on average 3 pieces per month for Writers Group

Attended 2 or 3 Writing Conferences

Exercised around 3 days a week

Went to therapy

Make lots of lunches

Make lots of breakfasts

Folded lots of laundry

Packed a bunch of clothes

Grocery shopped a lot

Went Waterskiing

Went up North

Went to a wedding in Chicago area

Shopped for wedding clothes

Shopped for BTS

Wrote about 1/month for my blog

Cleaned the bathrooms (sometimes)

Signed the kids up for camps

Drove kids to camps

Bought equipment for kids

Chaperoned Lansing trip

Chaperoned zoo trip

Called my sister when I made risotto

Went to Disney world

Swam with dolphins

Went to SeaWorld

Ate at Denny’s on my birthday

Threw up in a bag on I-94

Cleaned up vomit in a hotel room

Took my mom in for knee surgery

Visited my mom in the hospital

Ate lunch with my brother Bill

Took my mom to a rehab facility

Visited my mom at the rehab facility

Brought my mom home from the rehab facility

Went off the high dive at Beachwood

Mowed the lawn

Ran a 5K with my daughter

Went to brunch

Swam in Lake Huron

Swam in Lake Michigan

Swam in the Atlantic Ocean

Paid my Mastercard Bill

Paid my Visa bill after MC changed to Visa

Paid my Kohl’s charge

Made doctor’s appointments

Went to doctors offices

Took my son for a 2D echogram

Took my son for X-rays

Watched my daughter get her blood drawn

Ran up and down sand dunes

Picked blueberries

Spent $80 on beach towels

Got my bikini bottom knocked down to my ankles while trying to body surf in the Atlantic Ocean

Walked from Maryland to Delaware and back

Ate at 5 Guys

Watched fireworks

Surfed the internet

Painted my son’s room

Glue gunned stuff

Frosted birthday cakes

Dressed up as a Ghostbuster

Shopped for Halloween costumes

Went to Halloween parties

Counted laps at the school jogathon

Had headaches

Got a mammogram

Had a root canal

Got my hair cut

Went to some improv workshops

Saw some movies

Watched TV

Read books

Cleaned out clothes

Cleaned out closets

Folded clothes

Yelled at my kids and husband

Hugged my kids and husband


Was crabby


Got a puppy

Wiped urine off my kitchen floor

Stood in the cold garage with puppy

Stood in the cold outside with puppy

Watched youtube videos

Became a “Noon Aid” at school

Filled out applications

Got fingerprinted

Contacted really old employers on LinkedIn

Watched tutorials

Got CPR certified

Met a few people for coffee

Got a TB test

Shadowed some Stretch-N-Grow classes

Made videos on my phone

Took pictures on my phone

Listened to Percy Jackson in the car

Checked out books from library

Acquired overdue charges at library

Went to veterinarian

Walked dog

Went to training classes

Spent money at Target, Petco, Meijer, Amazon

Christmas shopped

Cooked turkey, apple pie, made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving Day

Visited brother’s wife’s parents on Thanksgiving Day

Went to Chicago for Easter


Wrapped Christmas gifts

Tied donuts on a string

Ate hot donuts

Drank apple cider

Drank wine, beer, and mixed drinks


Ate chocolate

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1 Response to 2014: A List of Some Things I Did

  1. Jim walter says:

    Debbie. What a wonderful tribute to you, your dad, your brothers the glee club and jerry you just wrote! Had me in tears on Father’s Day. Thank you so much for sharing this very very special story. Jim Walter. Former glee clubber and friar from the 70s

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