The Possibility of a Theme

Blogs are supposed to have a theme. That’s what the advice-from-the-blogging-gods tells me, anyhow. An area of expertise. A niche. A voice of authority. Or, to be fancy and recall my college English major days, a thesis statement.

I always had problems with those.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit ADD. Maybe it’s because, instead of learning to write by crafting a solid, deep yet succinct thesis statement followed by a tidy outline, I learned to write mostly by babbling in a journal. I think this did a lot for developing “voice”, but it’s still tough to develop organization. I like voice. I think it makes writing more fun, but I’m not always sure it’s the neat and tidy way to go. Lots of people seem to like neat and tidy. Or at least Pinterest would lead me to believe this.

Anyhoo…my blog writing tends to follow this same pattern, and here I am, irregular, undisciplined blogger without a real niche or theme.

And then a cupcake problem arose a few weeks ago. A cupcake problem which made me think that, all along, I actually have had a theme. I just hadn’t seen it. Trees because of the forest, or forest because of the trees, or whatever.

By the way, I don’t have a cupcake theme. Sorry cupcake lovers.

But here’s the thing with the cupcakes, the story, if you will, that made me think that I’ve perhaps had a theme all along. It was my daughter’s birthday. She likes chocolate cake. My mom offered to make cake, as her birthday would be celebrated right after we returned from a 12-hours in the car vacation, and who has time to bake immdiately after vacation? My mom, of course. Yes, fine, make the cupcakes, I said.

I want them to be chocolate, my daughter told me as we were eating dinner at a subpar fast-food joint en route home from vacation.

I’ll call Grandma and let her know, I said. But I didn’t call grandma right away. I called her about 12 hours later. After she’d already baked 2 dozen key lime flavored cupcakes.

Key lime flavor? WTF–what kid is gonna respond to that? (Answer: probably all if that is their only choice. Or they’re marketed as Sprite cupcakes.)

Sigh. Fine. I’ll bake a cake as well. Chocolate.

I did.

We brought them all to her birthday celebration. The anticipation was trending towards cake, so, good Lord, what would be do with all the cupcakes?

And then this thought passed through my head:

Wow. Sounds like I have some major #whitepeopleproblems. Or some #firstworldproblems. Or some #suburbanproblems.

Thank you, self-depreciating hashtags, you’ve helped me find my theme.

I even tested this on previous posts:

Being scummy? Works.

Being stressed out by swim team. Check.

Writing issues? I think it works; writing issues are really not in the same seriousness vein as, say, health or plumbing issues.

Have-I-harnessed-my-potential issues? I believe food, water, and a roof over one’s head have to be taken care of before you can have these issues.

–Obsession with googling celebrities? Please

I guess this makes me shallow, but–hear me out–even on the days when I want my problems to be taken seriously, well, I think they still qualify. Look at Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love. Oprah took that book very seriously. So I think the discovery of this theme still allows me to be, ahem, serious on my more woeful days.

Rock on, cupcake problems. Rock on.

Author’s Note: I also currently have the problem of finding it too difficult to find a good cupcake photo that also doesn’t break any copyright issues or anything.  I’ll try to fix that. A cupcake photo would sure be pretty, wouldn’t it?











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