13 Reasons It’s Good I’m Scummy

I haven’t gotten a haircut in a while. It’s often in a ponytail. I know some stylist would encourage me to fix myself up, but here are some reasons I will continue my current, err, style for a while. (I also wander around in workout clothes a lot.)

1.  It’s summer, and I’ll probably end up in a pool later.

2. I might clean the house later.

3. Maybe I just worked out. Maybe. Can’t be sure, right?

4. I might work out later.

5. I might mow the lawn later.

6. Yeah yeah yeah, the path the hell is paved in good intentions.

7. It’s not noon yet. (The people who sell booze use that every Sunday, so why can’t I?)

8. I’m trying to boost other women’s self-esteem by looking bedraggled myself. It’s a public service. You’re welcome.

9. When I finally do make myself up, blow-dry my hair, etc., I figure I’ll be unrecognizable and able to go on a glamorous bender all incognito.

10. I’m a super hero. This is my disguise.

11. I’m not Jennifer Garner being stalked by some local paparazzi.

12. My kids will probably push me in the pool soon for forcing them to do swim practice.

13. Yeah, I know #12 is almost the same as #1. Deal.





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4 Responses to 13 Reasons It’s Good I’m Scummy

  1. Pam Houghton says:

    Cute list. Yes, why is it that Jennifer Garner looks cute no matter what? Taking her oldest daughter to ballet in Santa Monica…playing with Seraphina in some Central Park zoo…coming home from the hospital after giving birth. Bitch! 🙂

    • Pets to Go says:

      Pam, don’t forget, the Affleck-Garner household is hanging in the Metro Detroit area, so let’s support the D and try to find her in Birmingham, Royal Oak, or the Detroit Zoo. Or maybe the 7-11. Okay, maybe not that last one.

  2. lpon45 says:

    Re #10: I KNEW IT!!!

  3. Pets to Go says:

    But apparently I’m still trying to assess and harness my actual superpowers, like the hero in “The Greatest American” hero, that TV series with Connie Sellecca that ran for about 3 seasons in the 80’s. (Am I the only one who remembers this?) Meanwhile, I think my another-suburban-housewife-in-yoga-pants disguise is better than Clark Kent’s.

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