Am I Still Here? Yes. Sort of. I Think.

Well…it’s that time of the blog season: I’m writing that meta- piece about not writing on my blog. So let’s jump right in, shall we? I think some of my writing block stems from…ick, ahem…insecurities, which I figure are very de rigueur for the creative set, n’est pas? And doesn’t that sound much better with some foreign phrases thrown in to boot?

I created this blog and website, in part, to showcase some of my writing. I had just finished off a few professional profiles of businesses for a local publications, I was feeling a bit of a boost. Maybe I could role with it! Make a website! Feel current and active!

And then, as happens in this world of freelance publications…poof! Mysteriously, the assignments stopped rolling in.

I don’t think I did anything wrong; it appears the publication has reformatted. But does a “professional” writer feel like a “professional” when no paid work is filling their sails? I’ve considered ways I can re-boot and/or re-position, but to extend this sailing metaphor (in the messiest fashion possible), I feel like I’ve been some phobic, Vitamin C deficient sailor who has looked at the cold, dark, shark-infested waters, and said, “Garr…let’s just man the deck to drink wine and play cards until the good Lord fills our sails again and we hit some new land. Garr.” Like the extra “garr” there?

Seeing as I’m creating drunk pirate identities here, it seems evident I’m destroying any dream I had a creating an image of myself as a polished, professional, perfect person with flawless hair. Oh well. I just finished reading The Happiness Project, and while I agree with various of the one-star reviewers on amazon (there was a fair amount of fluff written by a very established–ahem, rich–woman), I still liked aspects of it. Like how she creates the rule “Be Gretchen.” Well, if I’m to similarly “Be Debbie,” then I guess I might as well admit I’m often more (or often feel more) drunken sailor than polished type-A yuppie gunner. I’m no less talented or capable for this.

With that all said, I’m reconsidered “re-branding” this blog…by returning to what I first called an earlier blog: What (a) Debbie Does. This earlier name seemed to give me breathing room to still grow and become something; aka, I don’t constantly have to feel like I have my shit together all the time.  ‘Cause I don’t.  And chances are, neither do you.


Are you still there? ‘Cause I’m still writing. I’d also like to add that I’m scaling back–or trying to scale back–on social media. I’m sure there’s nothing new to this. There are a few reasons, and maybe I’ll discuss in another post. You know, the one I write on the last day of summer, har har–arrrr.  (Still liking the pirate/sailor thing.)


About Pets to Go

I'm a freelance writing who would like to know a little more about all the technicalities, bells, and whistles of things like WordPress!
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3 Responses to Am I Still Here? Yes. Sort of. I Think.

  1. Pam Houghton says:

    When your kids get back to school, maybe we can work on ways to market our writing. There are markets out there…it’s just a matter of finding them, networking and blah blah blah.

  2. Pets to Go says:

    You are ever the helpful optimist (and now with credible experience–yeah!). I really am considering some sort of non-writing related, part-time while the kids are in school gig, although even if I go that route, I’d prefer it be with a smaller company who might someday need a little “marketing” (aka writing) help, although most days even that seems a little pipe-dream-y. Oh, the problem with the real world!

    • pamhoughton says:

      I think that’s wise. Non-writing related, part-time gig takes the pressure off writing and gets you to flex other, underappreciated skills you are likely to have!

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