What has Debbie Been Doing?

It’s always tough to start blog posts with that whole “I haven’t posted for a while” phrase. Tired. Boring. Lazy. Truthfully, I have two posts I crafted which I haven’t posted. One was never meant to be a post; I was just using WordPress almost as Word, writing a piece for my monthly writer’s group.  The other post was, well, just too damn much backstory, like I’m Dr. Doofenshmirtz trying to explain why he’s invented his newest “Inator” because he once had to be a lawn gnome.

My backstories aren’t that entertaining.

Ultimately, it’s simply that time of year. You know, that time when we’re done with big, showy holidays (phew!), but we’re not all the excited about tax time, New Year’s resolutions, or a spring clean-up that will never come because, OMG, will this Polar Vortex ever end?! No, it seems not, so life is taking on that Groundhog Day quality, and I’m currently channeling that phase were Bill Murray just eats tons of doughnuts.

But speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, I did, in a roundabout sort of way, have a few. Going into the holidays, I’d seen some nice business profiles I wrote in print, I’d been pulling together this site as a writer’s portfolio, and was jonesing to find new, exciting ways to keep momentum going, yeah! Without going into details, I’ve done a few of these things–hello to all you wonderful folks I have met at places like the Detroit Working Writers, Oakland County Literacy Council, Troy Chamber of Commerce, and random odd lady at the Girl Scout cookie booth in Kroger!–and now I’m gathering all my notes and thinking now what? I’m sure the answer is not It’s almost Friday, so why not try to see a movie before Sunday’s Oscars, but to me, that currently sounds like the best option. Or at least the most comfy.

I guess what I’m saying is his: patience and persistence is difficult, especially in our current ADD, text-and-tweet-it-now, I’ve-tagged-you-so-we’re-besties-now-right? culture.

How do you keep yourself motivated? If it involves a recipe, please share:)


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I'm a freelance writing who would like to know a little more about all the technicalities, bells, and whistles of things like WordPress!
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