It’s Beginning to Feel Like Post-Christmas Funk Time

Snow, snow, snow!  It’s so in for 2014.  Time for Katy to go, go, go!  Time to learn how to twist hay into burning sticks!

Yes, I’m holed away in the Midwest, where my facebook feed is junked up with snow observations (it’s snowmaggenden! We’re gonna’ have thundersnow!), and my house is junked up with new toys, random packaging, and a dried up, naked evergreen.  (Okay, since I started this post yesterday, that evergreen is cuddled in a snowdrift.  Garbage pick-up in snowed out.)   As the New Year starts, is it a wonder I’m not jumping for joy over my pending MasterCard bill, short days, and tax time?  (And, of course, snow snow snow!)

I want to reestablished some sense of order, peace, and functionality; I’m just torn over how to go about doing this.  Do I attempt to “trick” myself, by creating a deadline–such as inviting neighbors over for morning coffee–which would “force” me to organize the house, re-establish some community, and decide whether or not I should spend some Christmas gift money on a Kuerig coffeemaker?  Or do I buck-up and simply get all good house-wifey, perhaps dangling my own reward system (an afternoon at the movies; a brunch with friends) for when I “accomplish” this?

Or, do I say f— it, step over and around messes that will re-create themselves anyway, get quickly uninspired about making dinner or growing professionally in any way, and think, “If Starbucks ain’t doing the trick, there are always Amaretto Sours”?  (With the kids’ vacation time ready to roll into a two day extension due to weather, that second option is gonna start lookin’ real good soon.)

Indeed, the initial pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow will corrode away to its cousins, slush and cold.  What say you?  Winter’s the best because you get to spend time at your chalet after hitting the slopes, and then when that gets old, you take a vacation to Cancun?  Yes, winter is also a dangerous time to start thinking about what you don’t have (a shelter-magazine worthy home, a personal trainer to get you back in shape), and I of all people should know and appreciate the blessings I have…it’s simply that this time of the year can be my Achilles heel, and I suspect I’m not alone.

So with that, let’s raise a glass–of champagne, of latte, of chai-tea kale smoothie, of whatever rocks your boat–and pledge to find the beauty and hope of this stripped down season.

After all, if the people who put together tax software can make taxes look almost sexy, I’m sure the rest of us can rustle something from this season, too.

Happy New Year (I am snow excited for 2014!)

(Okay, I couldn’t resist a dumb snow pun.)

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