As the New Year Approaches

I’m updating my blog here from a new venue: my city library.  Ever feel like your typically spot for writing is getting a bit stale?  I guess I feel that way today.  If I’m writing from my regular spot–otherwise known as home, although if I’m feeling more lucrative I’d call it a home office–the temptation to do other things is strong.  Sure, a lot of those other things are surfin’ the ol’ web, which I could do here, but I’m hoping that sitting in a cube among other computer-ing folk contributes to a more focused “I’m at work” attitude.

In a separate spot–in Word on my home computer–I have a list of things I’d like to try out to grow this year as a writer.  Actually, I’m lying; they are more like a list of things I’d like to do to market and network myself as a writer.  They include, among other things, using Twitter, making this a real domain (which I’ve done), and just plain ol’ showing up different spots: workshops, any community business mingling gatherings (it would appear our local Chamber of Commerce has them, as well as other professional groups), and maybe even volunteering.

On that last note–the volunteering one–well, I’ve checked my LinkedIn group discussions enough to know there is often a big hub-bub about volunteering, mostly in terms of giving away writing for free.  But I may–I hope–be in a position where I can pay-it-forward.

I haven’t, either on this blog or my older blog What (a) Debbie Does written much about my involvement with children’s cancer.  I haven’t done this for many reasons.  One is sheer irrational paranoia.  I have personal involvement with children’s cancer because my son was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011.  He has completed chemotherapy and seems to be doing well.  Time, God willing, will tell if he’ll remain cancer free; I believe the 5 year cancer free marker is a key one, and we’re not yet particularly close to that one.  So I fear giving back, or getting too involved, in the cancer community least I get hurt by it again (or my son does.)  I also fear getting “kudos” for any contribution I could make, that I’m somehow capitalizing off of a bad situation.  I also vaguely know this is irrational; cancer will either stay the fuck away from my son or not, regardless of how involved I get in the cause.  I even know, vaguely and rationally, that children’s cancer still needs awareness and support; I’d be burying my head in the sand to think otherwise.

(As an aside, for anyone unimpressed as to my use of the word “fuck,” I believe after watching my son go through everything he has endured, I’m entitled to use it.  End of.)

So, as 2014 approaches, I may find myself somehow volunteering someplace that has something to do with children’s cancer.  Meanwhile, I had my first personal essay that mentions my son published in Metro Parent.  Other than a response from the ever-on-top-of-communications Cindy from Kids Kicking Cancer, no one has said “Gee, Deb, I read your piece on kids getting sick.”  Shocking to find out the world doesn’t revolve around me!  (I actually did get two parents text or comment on my relatively shallow essay on moms and Facebook, though, so hey, I figured feedback was a possibility.)  Since I have an essay circulating someplace mentioning children’s cancer, I figure cats out of the bag: I’ll mention it here, too.

Well, the little bar at the bottom of the library computer that keeps track of time is telling me to get going!  (Not exactly, but kinda.)  So I guess I will.

Best wishes of health and prosperity as the New Year approaches!


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I'm a freelance writing who would like to know a little more about all the technicalities, bells, and whistles of things like WordPress!
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4 Responses to As the New Year Approaches

  1. pamhoughton says:

    Not sure if I’m leaving a second comment or not! Cause I’m not sure the first one took. Anyway. It’s great that you went to the library to get some writing done. How disciplined of you!!

    • Pets to Go says:

      Pam, your comment did in fact take. Thanks for the kudos, but I think unless it’s a habit, I’m not sure it’s discipline when it’s a one-off. By they way, feel free to self-plug whatever work you’re doing; I’d love to check it out, even if that means buying a paper, lol!

  2. Cindy L says:

    Debbie, you are entitled to use any word you want — you’ve earned it, for sure. I wish your son the best of health, and some peace of mind for you as well. Good to hear that you are writing. It really helps! Best to you in the new year. (Thanks for visiting my blog, too.)

    • Pets to Go says:

      Thanks, Cindy, for the stopping by, as well as the encouraging words. I did enjoy your piece on your blog about Christmas…I think a lot of people relate on different levels. Hope you have a good New Year as well.

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